Daikyo Industrial Gas Sdn. Bhd.

Industrial Gases Supply, Welding Equipment & Services

Gas Supply


Through our experienced team, we are able to provide you with the gases required for any scale of projects. We also provide technical and management support for your project needs in terms of delivery and requirement of gas needed. In this industry, we make it our business to understand our clients' business, anticipate their needs and ensure that we have available the products and services they require.

Provision of "SRI" Fire Extinguishers and Welding Machineries, Technical Support & Servicing

We provide the highest quality products of fire extinguishers and welding machineries that are backed by customer confidence in our quality products and after sales services. Daikyo Industrial Gas takes pride in its capable team of professionals for providing technical support and after sales servicing to many clientele ranging from a wide range of automotive, construction, industrial and commercial industries.

Industrial Services


Daikyo Industrial Gas provides extensive conducts of gas purity testing, hydro testing, cleaning, drying, purging, leak detection, and inspection for piping and storage tanks.

Oil & Gas Services


Surface coatings to reduce the effects of abrasion, oxidization, corrosion, erosion, wear & extreme heat, helping you making the safest products possible.

Logistics Support


Our logistics team will deliver your gases to the location on time and in the highest safety standards for your operations. Our employees are the most experienced, highly trained in the industry in delivering our products safely.


Gas Handling Equipment


We are committed to providing each and every customer with reliable, safe and efficient gas handling equipment to help you maximize your productivity. From flow devices and gas delivery systems to regulators, purifiers and filters, we offer a complete line of equipment to help you meet your most demanding and precise applications.


Fire Alarm System


We provide service maintenance and installation for fire alarm system




We provide service maintenance and installation for CCTV systems


Security System


We provide service maintenance and installation for CCTV systems


Fabrication / Service


We provide cylinder cage